With an ever increasing global focus on energy consumption and environmental management there has been greater commitment from industry to employ a sustainability model which is sympathetic and responsible in its approach to the supply of products and services. We believe that environmental factors should be considered throughout the lighting design process starting from the inception of a project continued through to installation, commissioning and handover.

about Light and Design

By being involved from the inception of a project, we are able to influence all aspects of lighting, from day light to the careful integration of lighting hardware components into the architecture of the building or space.

From the outset and at each of the design stages we give due consideration to daylight harvesting, and the carbon foot print of the project.

Our lighting designs ensure part L compliance in line with the current UK building regulations. We undertake Part L calculations for planning approvals and prepare lighting specific environmental impact statements where light pollution would affect a dark sky environment or the local wild life. We are also able to provide advice during design stages for BREEAM and LEED assessment.